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Herd u liek mudkips :iconmudkipplz:

I haven't been tagged in ages, so might as well.

1.Post these rules.
2.Post 8 facts about your character.
3.Tag 8 other characters.
4.Post their names, along with their creators' avatars.

I was tagged by the lovely MisterRgbPixels . He chose my character Chloe the rabbit, one of my oldest characters and most active. Here we go.

1. Did you know that Chloe is blue?!?!?!?! NO WAY RIGHT?!?!? But really. Chloe's blue fur, as well as general species, went through many changes before I even submitted her. When I first submitted her, however....She was a penguin. A purple Penguin with a pink top. After that, she became a Sonic recolour of Cream the Rabbit. She had Yellow fur and wore, yet again, a pink shirt. Last transformation was a short, still Cream-looking, character with more features such as the stripes. I stuck with this design since and she's evolved into a general character.

2. Chloe's personality is very calm and well mannered. At times becoming very excitable, depending on current events and topics. When people are in need or just generally down, she'll come out as a motherly type figure (some saying she acts this way because she didn't have a mother herself). Pissing her off, however, can be a task in itself. Done successfully, and you'll get a verbal debate or a physical beating.

3. Being a Snowshoe Rabbit, she is immune to the colder elements. Her fur being the only way she keeps warm in her homeworld or winter environments. With a fluffy chest and thick fur, she can bury herself in the snow for hours on end and not feel cold at all. However, she lacks the one thing most Snowshoes do, and that is molt their fur in the summer. Chloe keeps her coat throughout the year, making it hard to stay cool. If you hug her, she'll feel cold.

4. Chloe has 2 natural power abilities. The dominate being her Ice magic, whilst having a dark magic heritage as well. She's well adjusted and mastered in her ice magic and can form a block of ice out of thin air. this is because she freezes the water molecules within the air. She uses tiny amounts of her magic to cool herself on in warmer environments, hence why she feels nice and cold when hugged.

Her dark magic, however, is very unknown to her and she's only started her training on it. It isn't that whole "EDGY SATAN POWERS", think of them similarly to Raven from Teen Titans (not Teen Titans go, that show sucks). It will take years to master her dark magic the same way she mastered her ice magic.

Also, Whilst using her dark magic, her eyes emit aura. Well….eye. Her scarred eye can no longer produce this aura.

5. Chloe is a lot older than you think. Currently she's 23 in Snodonian years. Doesn't sound that old, right? Wrong. 1 Snodonian year is 4 Earth years. So 23 x 4 = 92.....Yep .w.

6. Chloe struggles with writing in English. Whilst being fluent in the speaking part, she only knows few words when it comes to writing it down on paper. This is why people can’t read her documents, it’s in Snodonian.

7. Chloe shares my allergies as well as my height and need for glasses. Lastly, she also shares my inability….to swim.

8. Chloe doesn't have rabbit buck teeth. Instead, she has sharp canines. This is inherited, however.

I tag:


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